The Workroom for Coaches


I'll see you on the inside!

Let's Take Your Coaching Business to The Next Level... Without All The Distractions and Shiny Objects.

The best business decision you will ever make is to join a peer group that forces you to answer questions you hope nobody will ask.  Workroom is that group.  Join the familiy.


"Kevin, The Last Thing I Need Is Another Course, Challenge, or Workshop That I Won't Finish or Implement!" 

YES!  That's Exactly Why I Created The Workroom For You!

I Get It... So here's the deal...

We're not about over-commitment, we're about effective commitment.

The Workroom is the single-most EFFECTIVE commitment you can make.

It's a REAL mastermind group..... on the highest level.

This is a commitment that actually saves you time, energy, and money! 

By joining our Workroom Family, you'll finally be able to...

Release all the frustration attached to excess obligation...

Ditch the self-judgement from all books you've been "meaning to get to"...

Forget the fear of missing out on the latest and greatest course...

Bypass the uncertainty of piecing together random content like a puzzle!

Now you can feel the freedom of TRUE FOCUS as you come together with a group of peers and raise your game...TOGETHER!

YEEESSSS!!! I Get it...That's Why THIS Is Exactly What You've Been Waiting For!You've taken all the courses...You've gone through all the workshops...
 You've read all the books.....

It's Time To Stop "Getting Ready to Get Ready"

You've taken all the courses...

You've gone through all the workshops...
You've read all the books.....

and if you're anything like me...

you haven't had time to implement a fraction of what you've learned!!

Isn't it time to start implementing with the help of like-minded coaches and consultants at your side?

"Ok...It Sounds Right, But Is The Workroom Really For Me?"

If you're a coach or consultant with an established service AND WANT TO.....

Join a group of high-performers who not only support you, but call you on your B.S.

Grab a seat at the table where you are not always the most advanced person in the room.

Leave behind the isolation that often comes with entrepreneurship

Feel excited about always learning more without buying the "next great course".

Enjoy the camaraderie of a group committed to getting things done in their business.

Contribute to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Share and learn tips and tricks for building a successful coaching business.

Create leverage in your business and eliminate the chaos

Wrap yourself in a uplifting environment that provides accountability, support and expertise

STOP! The Workroom Is NOT For  Everybody!!

The Workroom Family Is NOT For...

Inauthentic people more concerned about appearing good than being better.

People who are just looking for another "training program" and are not really ready to experience real growth.

People who are looking for a quick buck and will justify deceiving others to get it.

People who want to join a group to poach clients (we are peers and partners -  not prospects)

People who are still in the conception phase and are looking for a shortcut.  

The Workroom™ is not for brand new coaches or consultants who have not started yet.

No More "Learn Now, So You Can Implement Later"

In The Workroom™  We Learn Now... Do Now!

QUESTION... Have you every stumbled upon a great course or content, and thought....

"Wow...that's great.  But I've got too much going on now...I hope it's around later!", OR

"I'll take this course now because I plan on doing that next", OR

"I want to get myself ready, so that course will be more useful when I take it"?

Well, JUST-IN-TIME learning means you have access the people, the content, the expertise and the support for whatever you need....when you need it!  

Now you can get help with exactly what you are focused on NOW.

In The Workroom You're Never Alone!

"I Always Feel Behind....And Isolated.  It Seems Everyone Else Is Moving Forward And I'm Left With Another Incomplete Project... UGH!!!"

In The Workroom, We Don't Leave People Behind!

This were we come TOGETHER to get results... finish what you start..... launch to the next thing... find out what's working, and magnify it... find out what isn't working, and fix it

We help each other create an environment where all distraction and "noise pollution" fade away...

...allowing you stop the guesswork....

...and keep things simple...

.....and get things done.

In the Workroom,  you'll raise the bar by challenging yourself and others to smash through goals, brainstorm ideas, and act as catalysts for growth.

In The Workroom, We're More Than Cheerleaders!

"Accountability Partners Make Me Cringe.  I Know They're Good To Have...But...UGH!"

Accountability Partners provide a distinct advantage when it comes to performance.  When done effectively, having a specific individual as an accountability partner increases your chance of reaching a goal up to 95%!

But here's the thing....If you don't like the won't stay in the zone....and you wont' get the result.

To stack the odds in your favor, The Workroom™ hooks you up with other members not simply to be your accountability partners, but your Success Partners....

...and we even provide a proven method to keep each other motivated and on track - feeling challenged and pushed - but not hassled!

The Workroom Isn't Just About More Content

"More Information Isn't My Problem.... My Problem Is Not Having The Time To FOCUS and IMPLEMENT!"

50 Minutes In The Workroom™ Can Change the Entire Trajectory of Your Business....

In The Workroom, not only do we have scheduled focus time...we do it together....

In "kick-ass-able" sized chunks of time!

Let us know what you're working on,  take a deep breath....and watch as an entire group of high-performing entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves for a 50-minute success sprint...

No more half-projects, no more "should-ing" all over yourself...  

We're here for you to help you focus on your matter how big or small...  

50 Minutes....every week...

And guess what? I'll personally be there with you working on my stuff! (how do you think I manage to put all this stuff together??)



The Workroom Is A TRUE Mastermind Group

Success Comes Fastest Through The Collision of Ideas.

That's Why The Workroom™ is BY FAR The Best Way To Get More From Your Business....Faster...

Everything Is Brought To You!
No more guesswork! With access to tons of learning sessions, interviews, input, and feedback from successful coaches and peers - you'll never have to feel the frustration of going to the end of the Earth just to find what's working.

You're Saving a TON of Money
Purchasing courses can become a kind of addiction....with each course presenting the "one" link that may be missing in your business.  By the time you look around, you have more courses than you can manage!  You can stop buying courses... The Workroom™ has the connections, relationships, and and knowledge that you need to grow your business now!

Save Energy By Using Multiplied Knowledge and Experience
Knowledge is not power!  Only APPLIED and REFLECTED upon knowledge is power.  Until you apply what you learn and get valuable feedback.. you're dealing with static energy!  In The Workroom™ you can test ideas, ask for feedback, present results and get valuable input from others who have been where you are or have been where you want to go!  We're not just talking about just quick responses in a facebook thread!!

Harness The Power of Reciprocity!
The best part about helping others is that you always learn along the way.  As an entrepreneur, you seldom get to show others under the hood of your business.  In Workroom, not only do you have a chance to stretch your muscles as you share and help others,  you'll learn invaluable information as others do the same - All in a strictly confidential, supportive and safe setting.

Expand Your Network
Just one solid connection can 10x your return on The Workroom™.  Here you'll have the opportunity to connect and build REAL relationships!  You could be just one connection away from multiplying your growth!

A Place To Be Vulnerable: 
One of the most difficult things about "social groups" is that you don't know how people will react to your comments or requests. In The Workroom™,  you have a confidential place to tell people what your really struggling with....and get REAL help.  It's like a family...but a family that really understands your business!

You'll meet great people from all over the world, and many will be come life-long friends.  These relationships are priceless and will help you throughout your entire journey to building the business you've envisioned for yourself.

The Best Content!
In addition to everything else, you'll have first look at the best business-growth content available.  We harness all of the experience, knowledge and expertise of all of our benefit all of our members!

The Workroom is About YOUR Business....and YOUR Progress

"So What Type of Stuff Do We Talk About In the Group?"

The reason I know The Workroom™ will be the best mastermind group you've ever experienced, is because the agenda is determined by you...the members.

The Content Agenda in The Workroom™ is structured, but flexible.  

We use the Freedom Frameworks™ model to set a foundation and drive discussion...

BUT.... we use your feedback and specific challenges to bring you what you need....when you need it.

So What Do We Accomplish Together In The Workroom?

Coaching Business Models

  • Unique Positioning
  • Your Signature System
  • Creating Intellectual Property
  • Recurring Revenue Models

Marketing and Sales

  • Attracting Ideal Clients
  • Pitch-perfect Messaging
  • Sales Mastery
  • Messaging Sequences and Automation

Delivery and Productivity

  • Coaching Techniques
  • Troubleshooting Business Processes
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency and Automation

... and much more!

No Smoke and Mirrors... Just the Support You Need.

"Ok...But What Exactly Do I Get When I Join Workroom?"

  • HOT SEATS!:  Imagine having your own personal Board of Advisors! That is what you get when you jump into a Hot Seat Session!  Bring your current challenge you may have to the table.  Watch and listen as your group of peers and advisors provide you with tips, advice and and a new perspective.... This is ABSOLUTE GOLD!

  • SUPPORT:  Live Coaching Calls and Q&A Sessions to discuss member challenges and help you through ANY obstacles you may have!

  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASS SESSIONS:  Based on a different theme every month. We break down a component of the coaching business into super-detailed parts so implementation can move at lighting speed!

  • ACCELERATOR SESSIONS:  LIVE Pomodoro-style sprint sessions with Kevin.... EVERY SINGLE MONTH.  If you show WILL get thing done!

  • PROVEN PATHWAYS: PodCLASS Interviews with insights from other successful coaches to learn the secrets behind their success

  • LIVE EVENTS: (CURRENTLY ON HOLD) A FREE LIVE event every year to meet and engage personally with the connections you've made in the group - And of course to learn more great stuff!

  • PRIVATE GROUP:  Private online group only for Workroom Members

  • LIBRARY: Exclusive access to you Workroom Learning Center where all content is stored in one central place for you to access anytime, anywhere!

The Workroom Pays For Itself... FAST!

"How Much Does It Cost To Join The Workroom?"

The Workroom™ Program will pay for itself within months of enrollment....if you engage!

How do I know? Well...

This is  a true mastermind program, so you'll be working, collaborating AND implementing...with the Workroom Family right beside you!

You'll share your success, challenges and feedback with the rest of the group.…and share your results.  

You'll share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group AND..... fellow members will share their success secrets with YOU!

"How Can You Guarantee I Can Multiply My Investment In The Workroom?"

The Workroom WILL Multiply Your Investment in Value!

Although, I can't guarantee your participation.  I DO GUARANTEE MINE.  

My promise to you as a member of The Workroom Family is to make sure I multiply the value of your investment.  How?

MY VALUE PROMISE.   With access to hot-seats, pomodoro sprint sessions, free masterclasses, access to world-class content and coaches, and live coaching calls every month, you will far surpass your investment every single month!

...and that's only a fraction of what you'll receive inside.  

The math is easy! All you have to do is implement!

Oh.... I'm Not Stopping There!



So... Do You Mind If I Over-Deliver To Help You Get Started?


Even More Connection....More Access!

$1997 Value!

More Connection... More Growth

This if  for my INNER, INNER Circle!   Join as a Founding Member VIP and join me every month for coffee, a chat, and to ask the questions that you've always wanted to ask!

This is a great chance to connect and really get to know each other....and you may even get a bit more behind the scenes action!

YES....This Is Real...And Only For My Inner-Cirlce

How About My Personal Voicemail...Now THAT'S Access!!
Imagine yourself working on a project around building your online coaching have a question, but would like some input the same day....from me!

For a very limited time (as you can imagine) members will receive exclusive access to my personal Voxer!  Have a problem...leave a message....get a personal response!
For Members Only! Do Not Share!!!!

Join today and get my personal Voxer number reserved exclusively for VIP clients!

$4997 (ummm...this is crazy!)

The Mindset Shift Every Entrepreneur Needs

Join today and get these powerful sessions delivered straight to your inbox over the course of six weeks! If you want to make sure you stick with the program - this is a sure way to do it!
A $997 Value

The Most Valuable Tools... And The Most Often Overlooked

Did you know there are 6 skills that can launch your business to the next level - that even the most competent coaches don't know about?

As a coach you know mindset is critical, but this stuff is NEXT LEVEL!

Get Kevin's 6-Part Series on the The Six Freedom Faculties and prepare to be blown away! These six audio lessons detail the tools we all have - but often ignore at the expense of our business and personal growth.

Personal Onboarding from Yours Truly!

Free 1:1 Strategy Call with Yours Truly!

Joining a mastermind can be a bit unnerving at first as you try to navigate all your options!

That's why I want to PERSONALLY jump on a call with all Founder's VIP members to help map out your next steps, and work on how you can make the most of the program!

I can't wait to meet you and see exactly how we can help you achieve you goals and objectives.

There's only one thing you need to do get things moving.....get moving! Let's do this!

I Can't Wait to Chat With YOU!

Join the family today and let's talk about how to make the most out of your membership!

I Think We Can Agree There is More Than 10x Value Here!

The only regret you'll have for starting that we didn't connect sooner!



Please understand, these prices are only good during the Founding Member Launch....

... and YES!  If you buy now, you will be locked in at that rate with ever future price increase for new members!!

Now, Here's The REAL BONUS!
Limited Time, Founding Member Pricing!

vip monthly


REG. $197/Month

VIP Annual


REG. $1997/Year

VIP lifetime




This is a growing group, and I have designed some world-class programming here.  

But some things are still being designed and rolled out...and I need your input!

I'll be counting on my group of Founding Members to provide input and feedback so the group becomes even better.  

In exchange, this group of Founding Members will not only receive this elite pricing, but will reap secret benefits far into the future.  

These members are my inner-circle.


The Workroom requires a year-long commitment.  However, you can cancel anytime if you feel we are not delivering on our promise.
We're here to support you, not force you to remain in a group that is not for you.  

We just ask that you lean into the process and give our team a chance to help you succeed. If after that, you're still unsatisfied, you can cancel.

Easy Peasy!

Lifetime members must cancel with 30 days.


1. Read the section below.  There's a few "good fit" statements that you must agree with before moving on. The Workroom Culture is very important and members who prove to be disruptive or continue to behave in a manner that doesn't reflect this culture will be refunded their investment and asked to leave.  We don't want don't want that.

2. Check the boxes to confirm you agree with the statements and then simply click the "count me in" button.  You'll then be directed to the checkout page.

3.  Checkout.  The checkout process is very simple, and very secure. Complete your checkout and then it's time to get started!

4. Complete the Short Onboarding Survey.  This very short survey will allow us to prepare for your FREE on-boarding strategy call!  This is a no-pressure, casual (but structured) call just to get to know each other and get you off to a great start!

5. Schedule Your Call.  After you submit your onboarding survey, you'll select a day and time from the calendar that works best for you.  Then I'll send you all of the information you'll need to get ready for the call!  It's that easy!!


During the call, we'll simply connect and discuss your game plan for getting the most from the group.  Together we'll set up a great strategy and get you started!

Let's Make Sure You're A Good Fit for the Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to help as many coaches as we possibly can....but also understand the more people the harder it becomes to connect directly.  To make sure we serve you in the best possible way, we will use "performance pods" to keep the groups small but effective, so you can have the best of both worlds!

YES! That is the power of the mastermind.  We will place coaches in mastermind pods and hot seats that similar in terms of advancement.  You will also have access to coaches who are more advanced so you can learn from their successes as well!

Success takes time. And since it will take a while to set your strategy and gain momentum, we do require a commitment on your end so you can get better results.  The Workroom™ is a year-long commitment, but we hope you will develop a lifelong relationship with us!

YES! As of now, Kevin will be working directly with all groups in hot seats coaching calls.  Although there will be times when special guests may be invited to add value, direct participation is a commitment Kevin plans to keep for the foreseeable future.